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Auto Accidents

Auto Injury TreatmentAt ABChiropractic in St. Charles MO we your Auto Injury Treatment specialists. Read about car accidents and what makes us the best.

When it comes to auto accidents, it’s strongly recommended you get yourself checked out, even if you don’t think you sustained any injuries. Vehicles pack a lot of force thanks to how heavy they are. You can get hurt even if you’re hardly moving. Even worse, it can take months for injury symptoms to settle in as your body shifts further and further out of balance. This sets you up for chronic pain for years if you wait to get treated. The best thing you can do is get seen quickly.

Some Auto Injury Statistics

  • You need to be moving at only 2mph to get a whiplash injury
  • Roughly 2/3 of auto accident victims sustain a whiplash injury
  • Whiplash symptoms take 2 to 48 hours to set in
  • 15-40% of auto accident victims who don’t seek medical attention will develop chronic pain
  • 45-85% of whiplash victims can lose correct spinal curvature, which manifests as chronic pain years after the accident

Chiropractic Care and Auto Accident Injuries

Statistics show you have a high chance of sustaining a whiplash injury or a concussion from a car accident. The whiplash group who doesn’t seek treatment put themselves at risk of developing various chronic conditions, including pain, headaches, loss of range of motion, degenerative conditions in the spine, and other spine and disc health problems.

A concussion can cause permanent damage if left untreated. Hoping it goes away on its own can leave you with chronic headaches, balance issues including vertigo and dizziness, impaired coordination, vision problems, memory loss and more.

To prevent this, get care immediately. The time between concussion and treatment is critical to recovery. We’ll want to see you for follow-up appointments to ensure proper healing. The likelihood of permanent brain damage dramatically increases over time without treatment.

ABChiropractic and Auto Accident Injuries

ABChiropractic offers various chiropractic and massage therapies to help protect you from developing chronic conditions. Our methods are non-invasive and drug free. We’ll perform a thorough evaluation and gather health history information, and if you have any injuries, we’ll discuss your treatment options and guide you through your recovery process. We’re deeply experienced in treating various auto injuries, including whiplash, soft tissue, neck, pinched nerves, joint, and spinal injuries.

Chiropractic care can help restore range of motion, ease away triggers causing pain, headaches and other symptoms, relax and rehabilitate neck muscles, and expertly manipulate your spine to put everything back in place, which restores range of motion and allow the body to heal. We also prescribe at-home self care to complete and speed up the recovery process.

ABChiropractic requires ZERO out-of-pocket expense for auto accident victims. We work with insurance companies and can refer you to attorneys. Our documented care is also critical should you need to take legal action.

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