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All About Chiropractic

At ABChiropractic Family & Wellness, a chiropractic and wellness office located in St. Charles, Missouri, we specialize in fast pain relief and posture correction. We utilize chiropractic adjustments in conjunction with massage therapy and decompression.
Our licensed chiropractors, through exam and x-rays, will properly diagnose your problem(s) and treat the cause of the problem. Misalignments of the spine will compress or "pinch" nerves that can cause back and neck pain, headaches or migraines, shoulder and arm pain/numbness, hip and leg pain/numbness, as well as muscle spasms.
Our chiropractors are trained in the detection of subluxation or misalignments of the spine and in the correction of subluxations through a chiropractic adjustment. When the chiropractic adjustment is performed, it immediately realigns the vertebrae, therefore removing pressure from the nerve and helping to eliminate pain. By adjusting the spine, it will also help improve posture and increase energy levels.
Chiropractic is effective for people of all ages, including infants and children. Results are typically within the first treatment or within 2-3 treatments.
Call Karen or Rachel to schedule your first new patient appointment.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." - attributed to Thomas Edison.

Honored to be your choice for Saint Charles Chiropractor. Proudly serving areas: 63303, 63301, 63304, 63376 and more.