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Dr. Adriana Saladrigas DPT

Dr. Adriana ABChiropractic

Dr. Adriana completed both her bachelors degree and Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of Missouri. Being a military kid, she was no stranger to moving around and made her way out to California after PT school. She lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for six years. During this time, she completed her manual therapy fellowship and orthopedic certifications, and had the privilege of being a faculty member at a Physical Therapy Assistant program. She returned back to the St. Louis area in 2020.

Dr. Adriana is passionate about teaching, education, and advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in healthcare. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, rock climbing, traveling, watching sports, and spending time with her family/friends.

Dr. Adriana is looking forward to helping patients fuse holistic chiropractic care with physical therapy, in order to create a complete and thorough wellness program. She is excited about using her hands on skills, knowledge of movement science, and exercise to better her patients.