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Dr. Glenn Ezell

Dr. Glenn Ezell

Dr. Glenn Ezell is one of the most sought after chiropractors in St. Charles, Missouri. He was recognized as a top 10 chiropractor in the state of Missouri for several years in a row.

Dr. Glenn Ezell grew up in St. Charles, Missouri. As a young man, he took great interest in discovering the human body’s natural ability to heal itself. His fascination led him to further his studies at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville where he earned a bachelors degree in biology with a specialization in medical science.

He then discovered his true calling in chiropractic while researching the next step in his career and decided to attend Logan College of Chiropractic. He was then awarded a second bachelors degree in life science. Upon graduating with a Doctorate of Chiropractic, his studies and clinical training have led him to create positive changes in the lives of many people.

Dr. Ezell enjoys an active lifestyle consisting of weight lifting, hiking, traveling, and many other outdoor activities. He has 2 children and 2 dogs which also keep him on his toes! Having proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is very important to him. He gets adjusted at least 2 times a week to maintain an optimal state of wellness. He is very active in the St. Charles community and is available for health talks, screenings and presentations at no charge. He is up to date on the latest chiropractic treatment and management procedures by attending seminars and classes.

Dr. Ezell has the ability to adapt his treatment protocols to every patient that qualifies for chiropractic care. He has had great success with children, adults, people who work in office settings, tradesmen, athletes (body builders, power lifters, runners, crossfitters), and everyone else in between. Dr. Ezell looks forward to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness through natural chiropractic care.