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Patient Testimonials

  • "Before starting with Dr. Awwad, I had terrible hip, neck and low back pain. I also had migraines that would make me sick and prevent me from functioning. I can now enjoy life without pain. I tell EVERYONE about Dr. Awwad and what he has done for me!" - Kaci S.

  • "I had severe low back pain sustained during military service many years ago. I suffered for years with no solution from multiple doctors. With only several adjustments, I am able to run and perform my work with NO PAIN!" - Brian M.

  • "Dr. Awwad has helped us in many ways. I had numbness in both hands and left leg, while my wife had upper back pain and headaches. We tried multiple medications with no relief. Dr. Awwad's adjustments have provided tremendous results. Thank you Dr. Awwad." - Bob & Beverly M.

  • "My ten month old son had 3 ear infections in the past few months. Since Dr. Awwad has been adjusting him, he has not had any infections. After his adjustments, Ethan will actually smile. What a difference!" - Cathy K.

  • "The mornings were the worst! I would have bad headaches and neck pain almost every day. Since I've been receiving adjustments, it's been almost a miracle. My workouts are now productive again." - Tim K.

  • "I was in a really bad car accident and in a lot of pain. I couldn't walk, drive, work or sleep because of the pain. I was on pain medications and muscle relaxants. Since I started getting adjusted, I felt we were making life changes, not just working towards pain-relief." - Denise N.

  • "I was in a car accident that led to lower back pain, numbness in the right foot and headaches. Since I started with Dr. Awwad, I have made much improvement with my lower back, and I have no more headaches." - Dan P.

  • "My upper back and lower back hurt almost 24 hours a day. My migraines were terrible when they happened. It affected my school and my attitude. I can't believe I don't have any problems with sitting in class and now my migraines are only occasional since I started." - Devyn B.

  • "My hip hurt constantly. I would feel a catch in my low back every now and then that would stop me in my tracks. I tried pain pills but I knew they were harmful for my body and they only provided me with temporary relief. I was hesitant about going to a chiropractor but now I refer everybody I know. Thanks Dr. Awwad." - Janet T.

  • "I came to Dr. Awwad after suffering low back and pelvis problems for years. I was irritable sometimes from the pain. I saw other chiropractors with no relief. Dr. Awwad and his adjustments have made the difference. I can now play golf, walk, and basically do anything and still be pain-free. It is such a blessing." - Steve S.

  • "My left arm would always go numb and I had soreness in my upper back and neck. I couldn't even drive in my car for longer than 10 minutes without getting sore. I even went to a surgeon who wanted me to undergo surgery. Since the adjustments, my numbness is gone, I have very little pain and I can now drive for long distances with no pain or soreness. Also, I don't hesitate to do daily activities anymore. I can even lift heavy objects." - Matt S.

  • "I started physical therapy a few weeks ago with Adriana, and she is the best! She takes the time to understand your goals and the pain or discomfort you are in. She makes sure you understand why she's having you do the movements or exercises and why it will help you heal. I look forward to more sessions with her!" - Molly

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