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DOT Physicals in St. Charles

ABChiropractic and Wellness in St. Charles offers DOT Physicals.

Only $80
→CDL Applicants
→Current CDL holders (class A, B, C)
→Just wanting to keep CDL active
→Class E drivers
→Company Discounts for multiple drivers

Items to bring:
1. Your current state-issued driver’s license

2. Glasses, contacts, hearing aids (if applicable)

3. List of all medications that are currently being taken

4. Any special circumstances or exemptions from doctor (blood A1C levels for diabetics done within 3 months, CPAP log, letter from doctor prescribing medications, etc.)

Things To Remember
Make sure to be well hydrated as the doctor will need a urine sample to test for things like kidney function, sugar, and others. This is NOT a drug test.
Don’t smoke or drink caffeine before your exam or your blood pressure may rise.
Drivers are typically in and out of the office in under 30 minutes.
Drivers are awarded a certification that can last up to a maximum of 2 years.
Some drivers may require other testing by Dr. Ezell or another specialist.