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ABChiropractic & Wellness Offers Whole-Family Care

Chiropractic CareFrom infant to elderly, we at ABChiropractic & Wellness in St. Charles can take good care of you and the rest of your family. We offer a variety of techniques we can apply the right way to the right patient.

Chiropractic for Children and Infants

It might sound odd that a baby or child could use a trip to the chiropractor. Their bodies are new, robust, and made of rubber. The reality is both the birthing process and growing pains can be rough on the body.

Many infants are born with a slight misalignment in their spine. A gentle adjustment sets them up for proper growth and development. It can also help with breastfeeding issues, colic, poor sleep, gas, and constipation. Adjustments on infants is also shown to help prevent ear infections and provide pressure relief for the stomach for babies who spit up a lot.

As for children, multiple bouts of rapid growth and development can throw the body out of balance. It’s highly beneficial to maintain a healthy spine in children. And of course there’s that fun of parenting of trying to keep your child alive while they learn--often the hard way--how physics works. This sometimes results in micro traumatic injuries that lead to a misalignment in the spine, which can turn into long-term health issues if not properly cared for. Be sure to get regular chiropractic check ups to prevent your child from potentially having major spine issues in the future.

ABChiropractic’s Techniques

We have four techniques designed to provide everything from pain relief to stopping spasms and helping your body get rid of muscle scar tissue.

Diversified Technique - The form of chiropractic people are most familiar with, diversified involves manual manipulation of the spine in order to restore movement while relieving pain and stiffness.

This technique is appropriate for teenagers and adults, and a portion of the elderly. It’s most often utilized to treat neck and back pain, headaches, migraine, sports injuries, chronic conditions, and to correct spinal misalignments.

Gonstead Technique - Alternative manual adjustment technique, Gonstead often takes x-rays into consideration when delving into your health history. A chiropractor will study how your body moves and observe how your spine behaves as well. It’s similar to diversified technique. Your chiropractor will monitor your results to help ensure optimal nerve function so your body can heal itself.

Active Release Technique (ART) - ART is the go-to method for treating soft tissue damaged by repetitive use. It’s a hands-on technique designed to increase flexibility and range of motion while decreasing pain and improving other symptoms.

ART is performed most often on patients with acute or chronic issues, including sports injuries and old injuries in need of breaking up scar tissue.

This is an incredibly versatile method appropriate for all ages. It requires no bending or twisting, and the applied force is localized enough for an extra gentle touch on joints. And it’s so quick that the body has no chance to tense up before treatment is administered.

Have questions or need to schedule an appointment? Give ABChiropractic Family & Wellness a call at (636) 916-0660 or go online and fill out our contact form. We look forward to treating the cause.